Beaming Bioneers this Weekend!

Come to Beaming Bioneers L.A. this weekend! The Echo Park Time Bank will present on Sunday 10/18/09 at the Downtown Independent Theater 251 S. Main St L.A., CA 90012

LA Beaming was created to bring a live broadcast of the 2009 Bioneers Plenaries to Los Angeles with the intent of bringing our Los Angeles community together to create a more sustainable LA.
Los Angeles – October 16-18, 2009 – Project Butterfly, Electric Lodge, Evolution Jewels and the Downtown Independent Theater are partnering with Bioneers, a nonprofit educational organization that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and the planet. Broadcast to over 20 locations nationwide, the program provides a hub for people who are hungry for change and are working to make a real difference in their local communities.
Through its broadcast, the Beaming Bioneers program provides a local focal point for communities to come together around local solutions and take action. The annual Bioneers Conference is being presented to the citizens of Los Angeles, and give locals the tools and inspiration to be catalysts for change in their own community.

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