Arroyo Time Bank Really Really Free Market - April 24th

Arroyo Time Bank Really Really Free Market during The Greening the Earth Day Festival in Memorial Park, Pasadena CA
Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Arroyo Time Bank is hosting it's 2nd Free Market. The first one held inside the Armory Center for the Arts was a great success and now we are expanding and heading outdoors during The City of Pasadena's Greening the Earth Day & Armory Family Arts Festival. Free performances all day, free craft workshops, and our Free Market!

This is a Really, Really Free Market you do not need to bring a thing! Feel free just to come, take, and enjoy. There's so much for everyone. We have some items already donated, but we welcome drop offs of items throughout the day. To assist Arroyo Time Bank members/volunteers and to minimize car trips to and from the park and Goodwill, we encourage people to take back items that they bring that are not taken by the end of the event, this is not mandatory and all things left will be dropped off at the Pasadena Goodwill by Arroyo Time Bank members-we just want to minimize car trips back and forth if we can. We do have a need for set-up volunteers early in the day, but again this is not mandatory. As a thank you and courtesy, set-up volunteers will be given first dibs during our early bird preview, BUT there will be plenty of items and activities throughout the day. If you want to volunteer email arroyotimebank@gmail.com but again so much to go around and do throughout the day

Some activities include...
11am Free silk screening of I heart the Arroyo Time Bank/I heart Pasadena shirts (until ink runs out!)
All Day Free theater/movement workshops by TeAda Theater
All Day Free info from Cheapster.org founder Jackie Lam
All Day Free listening with optional free advice from Janine form Arroyo Time Bank
2:30pm-3:30 Freeganism/Gift Economies "Round Table" Discussion on the Grass in a circle-An informal mini summit with the Arroyo Time Bank and anyone else who decides to pop by about free markets, freeganism, and gift economies

Hope you can make it : )

Arroyo Time Bank Coordinator

The Arroyo Time Bank Free Market will be held in Memorial Park in Pasadena as part of The City of Pasadena Greening the Earth Day &Armory Family Arts Festival. We will have tables set up in the Northwest area of the park, there will be signs posted.

Set-up begins at 7am,
there will be a special “preview sale” for all volunteers who helped to set up from 10am-11am,
the Free Market opens at 11:00am and closes at 3:30pm.
Clean up/Goodwill drop off is from 3:30pm-4:30pm.

We ask that you decide to bring items please bring only usable goods, clean clothes, and unprepared produce (nothing cut or cooked) as part of Health Dept. code.

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