Member Testimonial

Echo Park Time Bank Member, Kathy Hill sent us this wonderful story about her experience with the time bank. Her adorable cats were well cared for by, infamous doer and new mom, Charon Nogues. Kathy earned back some time credits helping the Time Bank get set up on Quickbooks. This is a great example of the benefits of paying it forward. Kathy will be moving to Juneau soon and we wish her safe travels, although we are sad to see her go. Thanks Kathy!

As promised, here are pictures of the main beneficiaries of the Time Bank: Patch and O'Malley experienced very nice visits from Enthusiastic Doer Charon (as their sitter) for a week, and one even swallowed pills for her. The sickly one gained weight. What a relief not to have to pay a professional service and have a total stranger enter my place in my absence! Charon was reliable and positive and friendly and both cats really liked her. So did I! This was such a win-win experience for all of us. I am sorry to be leaving the area, but I plan to get a time bank started in Juneau!
-Kathy Hill

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