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As a result of an unexpected cut in funding, TimeBanks USA may have to close down on December 31st. Please don’t let this happen!

TimeBanks USA is the home of TimeBanking in the US and has been, for more than 15 years, a beacon for the international TimeBanking movement. The TimeBanks Network now has over 100 active, thriving TimeBanks, and more than 75 new ones getting started up right now. The Echo Park Time Bank depends on TBUSA and the vast network they have built for advice, services, support and guidance.

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Time Banking Math

By Edgar Cahn

We stand for what it means to be human

And human beings are not chattel.

There are domains which are above market, beyond price

Family, loved ones, justice, democracy, our planet, all that is holy

Not for sale at market price, at any price.

One hour, our piece of eternity

Fleeting but nonetheless, precious, sacred, eternal

That is what Time Banking means, declares, affirms and reaffirms

We are-- and We will not be diminished. Let it be.

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