Farmers’ Market University at AUFM - May 29th

Market U: Farmers’ Market University at the 
Altadena Urban Farmer's Market

The Arroyo Time Bank and Altadena Urban Farmers’ Market presents five FREE workshops, Sunday, May 29th covering topic every Urban Homesteader should know. Even if you are “Homesteader-Curious” you will walk away from these demos armed with information and recipes to dip your toe into the world of urban D.I.Y. The AUFM workshops are part of The Arroyo Time Bank's Neighborhood Resiliency Project which is a series of workshops held every Sunday on a wide variety of skills like cooking, seed saving, and sewing meant to strengthen neighborhood bonds and build resilience among community members. These workshops are presented in partnership with The Echo Park Time Bank, NELA Transition, and The Armory Center for the Arts.

AUFM is held at The Zane Grey Estate 396 E Mariposa Street Alta Dena, CA.

Class Schedule

1:30 pm
Intro to Cheesemaking:  An introductory discussion of the properties of milk some basic techniques and recipes to make your own cheese.  We'll demonstrate chevre at various stages of the process. 

Instructor: Steve Rudicel is one of ZGE resident goatherds and cheesemakers, a lecturer at Cal Poly Pomona, owner of The Press Restaurant in Claremont,  and a member of the first LA County Master Food Preserver class in over 10 years

2:00 pm
Beyond the Victory Garden: This workshop will provide a brief history of the "Small Farm Home" movement in the first half of the 20th century in Los Angeles, a precursor to todays "Urban Homestead" movement. In addition, participants will learn some strategies for researching farming and gardening histories in their own neighborhoods.

Lecture by: Alex Tarr is a PhD candidate in the Geography Department at UC Berkeley. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he is conducting research for his dissertation on the renaissance in urban agriculture.

2:30 pm
DIY Cleaners and Toiletries: More Than Just Vinegar & Water:  Janine Christiano will take you through a few of her favorite recipes for detergent, toothpaste, deodorant, all-purpose cleaner, and more using very simple common items you probably already have in your pantry and garden. Participants will leave with samples. Please bring a small mason jar or container. We will have a limited amount of containers.
Instructor: Janine Christiano is the founder of the Arroyo Time Bank, co-coordinator of the newly formed California Federation of Time Banks, and works as a program coordinator for the Armory Center for the Arts. She lives in Pasadena with her husband Guy, their pitbull/boxer mix Chloe, and three chickens.

3:00 pm
Artisanal Bread Baking: Erik Knutzen of the Los Angeles Bread Bakers and http://RootSimple.com/ will demonstrate how to make a no-knead artisanal loaf of bread using a levain starter.

Instructor: Erik Knutzen is the co-author, with his wife Kelly Coyne, of The Urban Homestead and Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post Consumer World.

3:30 pm
The New Craft Pantry: Homemade Condiments and Extracts:: We will cover how to make three basic kitchen panty items every home cook should add to their repertoire: homemade mayonnaise, Dijon-style grainy mustard and pure vanilla extract. Ridiculously simple to make, you will never buy these pantry staples commercially again.

Instructor: Cookbook author Joseph Shuldiner is the owner and creative director of Shuldiner Studio, a design and consulting company in Eagle Rock. The studio specializes in the areas of; publication design and content, food culture, fashion, photography and critical thinking. Joseph is the author of the upcoming cookbook, Pure Vegan to be released in Spring 2012 from Chronicle Books.

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