EPTB Shoe Drive

Support The Echo Park Time Bank (CRSP)! You don't have to pledge anything or buy anything you don’t want or need. We would like to ask that you consider donating your old used tennis shoes through our drive with Green Sneakers. Your used sneakers are worth more than you think! Support The Echo Park Time Bank (CRSP) with your used shoes by dropping them at Fix Coffee 2100 Echo Park Ave L.A. CA 90026 between Dec 9th-31st. There will also be a drop box at the Silverlake Holiday Night Out event on Saturday, Dec 17th. Bring the shoes to the Complimentary Booth at the Satellite parking lot (1717 Silver Lake Boulevard).

By donating your used tennis shoes you will not only be supporting our organization but you will also help protect our environment and contribute to the economies and well being of developing countries. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our drive and thank you in advance for helping our cause.

Green Sneakers pays the Echo Park Time Bank up to $.50 a pound for the shoes. With an average pair of shoes weighing in at about 2 pounds, that's roughly $1 a pair. Eventually the shoes go to a sorting facility where Green Sneakers staff process the collection, keeping them from the local landfill and making them ready for distribution to other people in need. Ultimately The Echo Park Time Bank hopes to gather at least 1,000 pairs of sneakers to help support our 2012 operating costs and Time Bank software renewal.

Please be sure to tie the laces together when you drop off the shoes! You may also make a tax deductible donation on our Give Page.

Thank You!


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