How to join the Echo Park Time Bank

In one week’s time, the Echo Park Time Bank Steering Committee and other members will review applications of prospective new members, so if you’re not a member and have been considering joining, it’s a good time to take the following steps to begin the process:

1. Visit http://www.echoparktimebank.com./
2. Read “How it works” and determine if you endorse the Core Values.
3. Click “How to Apply,” where you will find application and reference forms to complete.
4. Also at “Howto Apply” you will find a link to register on the time bank on-line software (Community Weaver). Do that.
5. Drum your fingers until the next application review (Sun., Nov. 6).
6. Plan to attend the next orientation on Sat., Nov. 12. (You will be invited to it in the email indicating your acceptance into the time bank.) (Prepare to pay the one time membership donation of $10-40 ... sliding scale.)
7. At any point, direct questions here or at the website or at info@echoparktimebank.com!

Now, when will we be getting that application?

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